There have been several golf-related questions and comments brought to the LHE Board of Directors and the LHE Golf Committee.  Following are the most common questions/issues.  The Golf handbook is available in the office with complete details.  We ask for your support in complying with rules.

House numbers on carts:  All Carts are to have the house number displayed on both sides.  The numbers are to be at least 2 inches tall and in contrasting color to the color of the cart.

Children driving carts:  No children under 16 years of age may operate a motorized vehicle, including carts, scooters, or similar vehicles, on the cart path or streets at Lake Henry.

Guests – Guests must be accompanied by a paid LHE golfer.  Residents who have NOT paid golf fees will not be allowed to play as guests of other residents. Only overnight guests are eligible to play in the Golf Leagues. Golfers will always be responsible for their guests.

Children – No children under the age of 16 may drive golf carts on the golf course at any time. Children playing golf must be accompanied by a paid golfer and have their own set of clubs.

Hours – Golf course hours are posted at the entrances to the courses at hole #1, hole #4, and hole #7.  The golf course will be exclusively used for golf between 8 a.m. and one hour before sunset daily unless otherwise posted.  The golf course is reserved for the golf leagues on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings as well as any scheduled golf event, e.g. annual club tournament, fun tournament etc.

Non-Golf Trail Use: Walkers, joggers, golf cart cruisers and cyclists may use the trail from dawn until 8 a.m. and from one hour before sunset until dusk unless otherwise posted.  The golf course fairways, greens and tee boxes are always off-limits to non-golfers.  The golf course and trail are closed to all during the nighttime hours. Please obey the Do Not Enter signs.  Pets are only allowed when they are in the cart during cruising time.