Lamppost Lights:  We want to encourage you to put a 75-Watt LED Daylight bulb in your lamppost.  This will enhance visibility as well as save you money.  At 10 hours a day, a 60-Watt incandescent bulb costs about $40.73/year.  A 75-Watt LED Daylight bulb costs about $6.16/year and last 8 time longer than the incandescent bulb.  The cost for a new 75-Watt LED Daylight bulb is about $5.00.  If you need assistance with this, please contact the “Help Thy Neighbor” program coordinator, your friendly neighborhood volunteer Cindy Poling at (480) 363-9541.  Cindy will line you up with a volunteer who will 1)  Assess your lamppost light system, 2) determine if you just need a new 75-Watt LED Daylight bulb or if you will need additional work (such as replacing the light-sensing switch),  3) present you with the cost and 4) then complete the work.  This sure beats standing on a ladder struggling to get the globes off!  When the work is completed, you will need to pay Marianne at the Lake Henry Estates Office for the costs involved.  We can make bulk purchases to keep the costs down.  Technical questions – contact LHE volunteer Dick Karhoff at (419) 789-3037.