Information and photos from Frank Shafer

The  employee from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hired to remove the aggressive gator said that these young adult alligators are the most aggressive because they are very fast, and he estimated this one is about 7 years old. It took less than 10 minutes to catch him by putting a device in the water that mimicked the sound of a baby gator in distress.  The gator swam quickly over to where the sound was.   The worker said that captured gators have two outcomes: either to be relocated to a gator farm or to go to a meat processing plant. He hopes a farm will take him, based on its age and size.  The employee had trapped three alligators already that day, and he said his personal record is a 12 feet 5 inch gator.  (The State record is something like 13 feet 8 inches).

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