LHE Calendar and Room Scheduling update as of April 21, 2023

Please join us in thanking Judy Bretveld for taking care of the Room Scheduling Calendar and the LHE NewsLetter calendar for the past 15 years.  Judy has done a fabulous job and has decided that it’s time to pass it along to someone else.

We’re very lucky to have Denise Alhemovich be that special person who has agreed to pick up this responsibility going forward as of today.  Please text, email or call Denise at 386-848-5442 or dengar1877@gmail.com  with any questions or requests that you have about room availability in the ballroom or craft room, or what you want to put on the calendar in the monthly  LHE Newsletter.

A version of this update has been posted on Documents Page under Notices:

Calendar and Room Scheduling Update

LHE Board of Directors