The Board of Directors has been investigating ways to make the Clubhouse more secure. Items 1 and 2 are being considered while we are moving forward with item 3.  We are asking for your feedback on Items 1 and 2 via email to:

1.  Limit access into the building after business hours to 2 locations:  The 2 doors available after hours would be the center front door and the door between the Pub and Billiards area.  We would continue with the current push-button security devices on these two doors.  The remaining doors would have the push button devices removed or disabled. The ability to EXIT the clubhouse through ALL doors will remain. With our video monitoring system covering these 2 locations, we will be in a better position to address security issues.

2. Change the exterior access to the bathrooms/locker rooms by the swimming pool area:  Locks would be installed which would limit ingress to the hours of 7am to 5pm in the winter and 7am to 8pm in the summer 7 days a week.  Currently these doors are open during business hours or require the use of the push-button security device during non-business hours.  We would like your feedback on these proposed hours. Unfortunately the technology to automatically set the hours to coincide with sunrise or sunset is not available.

3. Accessibility to the Clubhouse:  As we conducted this review, we realized we need to improve accessibility to the building. A push-button opener will be installed, which will activate the door by the Pub and Billiards area for use during business hours. This will improve access to the building for residents who use wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc. This entrance was selected as It coincides with the entrance ramp.

Your feedback would be appreciated!