Due to some issues in the past, the Board has started, and will continue, to meet with potential home buyers prior to their closing to review the LHE D.O.R. and Bylaws. At the conclusion of the meetings, the future residents will sign the existing form stating they have received, understood and will abide by them.
The Lake Henry Office will not forward any paperwork required for the house closing until this meeting has been held (in person or video conference) and the required form has been completed and received.
Lake Henry Board of Directors
This is a reminder that we have a Procedure for D.O.R. compliance issues.
Before any action can be taken, a confidential complaint form must be filled out, SIGNED, and submitted to the office.  These are confidential and only the Office Manager and the Compliance Officer view these.
The Compliance Officer will ONLY discuss the complaint with the homeowner whom the complaint is written against, and will take action, if necessary.
Hopefully, neighbors can discuss any issues first with each other prior to submitting a written complaint.
Lake Henry Board of Directors