Pete Nelson

(Photos submitted by Herb Kramer, Jeanne Whitt, and Ruth Formella) 

Pete Nelson does a fantastic job heading up Traffic Control.



Rocco Guarino

Rocco Guarino was one of many volunteers who helped direct traffic safely throughout the community.

cars in street

Rick and Marla Coy direct traffic on busy intersection of Teesdale and Sweetwater Way East.


Traffic was busy at times.

Mike Wright and Wayne Albert

Mike Wright and Wayne Albert cooked lots of hotdogs.

hotdog helpers

Workers get ready for the lunch crowd.

hotdog workers

Servers: Liz Albert, Lorri Milligan, Jeanne Whitt, Linda Wright, Teresa Guarino. (Missing from picture Nancy Benz, Phyllis Henner, and Amy Tousignant).

hotdog crowd

Hotdog sales were popular, as were the Bake sales (No photos of Bake Sale).

Sue Meyer

Sue Meyer stands by her roving Hot Dog Cart.

roving hotdog cart