(Photos submitted by Herb Kramer and  Jeanne Whitt)

Jeanne Whitt is ready with her Jockeys:  Diane Tebaldi, Lorri Milligan, Loretta Kramer, Nancy Hayward, Cindy Poling, and Linda McKelvey.


Herb Kramer

Herb Kramer is ready for his role as MC.

betting tellers

Ready to accept the wagers are Tellers: Rocco Guarino, Terry Lareau, Vaughn Lewis, and Bill Heffner, while Bo Whitt discusses rules with Ralph Seidner.

Rosemary Frost

Rosemary Frost is ready to call the unique Race BINGO.  Note the original LHE Downs “horses” from the ’90’s in front.

Bingo ticket sellers

BINGO ticket sellers are ready:  seated: Diane Lareau, Beth Muntzinger, Shelly Link, and Sharon Kent.  Standing: Teresa Guarino, Amy Tousignant, Debbie Bockleman, Elaine Lewis, and Linda Wright.

Dice rollers

Dice Roller: Peggy Croucher and Caller: Mike Wright.


Residents fill the Ballroom for this popular event.


LHE Downs is a highly attended event.

Derby Ladies

These Derby Ladies show off their hats.

Derby Ladies
Derby Ladies

It is all about the FUN!

Derby Men

The Derby Men are not to be left out.

places bets

Place your bets!

jockeys and horses

And they are OFF! “Cold Cash”, Purple Reign”, “Pink Pony”, “Candy Stripper”, “Dominoe”, and “I Wanda Win!”

Feed Bag

Jeanne Whitt decides Nancy Hayward’s “Pink Pony” needs the Feed Bag for energy.


Oops.  The after effects of eating leaves something on the race track…

Rod Parkinson

Rod Parkinson is called for “Clean up in lane Four!”

John Bakle

John Bakle substitues as a jockey.

Rod Parkinson

Rod Parkinson doubles as the Track  Veterinarian and sneaks in a steroid shot to Diane Tebaldi’s horse “Candy Stripper”.


The race is close.


Winning Jockeys: Loretta Kramer, Cindy Poling, Diane Tebaldi, and Linda McKelvey.

Stu and Lorri Milligan

The Grand Finale Winners were Stu and Lorri Miligan.