kitchen help

Linda Wright and her kitchen crew prepared a scrumptious feast.


John and Beth Muntzinger were among many, many workers who helped.

ticket takers

Lynn Cowell, Carol Wood, Diane Tebaldi and Carol Walker were ready for tickets.

bar tenders

Bar tenders Jerry VanOcker, Russel Jones and Tony Moore were kept busy.

residents visiting

Residents enjoyed visiting while awaiting dinner and the show.

residents visiting

It was a great time to say farewell to our snowbirds.

Easter bunnies

The spring Easter bunnies decorated the stage.

Twoshay Duo

The Canadian  husband and wife entertainers of Twoshay Duo took the stage.

Twoshay Duo

Twoshay Duo performing as “Shania Twain”.

Twoshay Duo

Twosay Duo explaining their joke,¬† “Good job Jerry”.

residents on stage

Joe Tousignant, and Rick Coy join “Shania” on stage.

residents on stage

The new LHE Band was “Jammin’ Joe Tousignant”, “Rockin’ Rick Coy”, “Shy Sharon Kent”, and “Krazy Karolina Straw”.

Twoshay Duo

Twoshay Duo performing as “Tom Jones”.

Kathy Blasovich

“Tom Jones” takes Kathy Blaskovich for a spin.