LHE residents who are here during hurricane season, please do NOT contact Marianne concerning hurricane materials or information. If you have questions, you can contact John Bakle, LHE Board Liaison to the committee, David Milligan or Jerry Varns who Co-Chair the Disaster Preparedness Committe. The committee is comprised of individuals who have volunteered and have certain responsibilities’ if a hurricane is eminent. We have already provided information in the LHE April Newsletter, in the LHE web site and Channel 732 with some guidance. In addition, we have provided the LHE Disaster Preparedness Plan on the LHE web site. Polk County also provides some basic information in their Directory of Services booklet on page 62, entitled “Emergency Preparedness”. These booklets are available at the LHE Clubhouse. The yellow pamphlet and the shelter maps provided by the county are not usually available until after June 1st and can be picked up at Publix. Thank you for your co-operation.  David Milligan, Co-Chair LHE Disaster Preparedness Committee.