WOW!  What a tremendous turnout for the LHE Downs this year.  We want to give our heartfelt thanks to so many who helped make this event happen!
A special thanks to Linda Wright and her bingo crew, Rosemary Frost, our bingo caller, Herb Kramer, our announcer and Kris Bomgarden for the delicious meal after the races.
Our thanks also must include the cashiers, the dice rollers, the tech crew, the bartenders and of course, our fabulous jockeys who made the races so much fun.
We truly,appreciate all of the awesome support of our ENTHUSIASTIC community.  Thanks to all of you, it was a fun and successful event!  The beautiful derby hats certainly brightened up the ballroom and added to the fun of the races too.
Hope to see everyone again next year to cheer on the horses and play bingo.  Please contact Bo Whitt, 513-673-2151, if you have any suggestions or want to help next year and Jeanne Whitt, 513-673-6220, if you want to be a jockey or have ideas for the race.  Thanks again everyone! Bo and Jeanne Whitt.