Fom Bo and Jeanne Whitt:

We want to give a huge thanks to all the volunteers that helped with the LHE Downs horse race and BINGO this year.  They all did an incredible job to make this event so much fun for the community.  A special thanks to Linda Wright and her BINGO crew for selling the bingo tickets: Diane Tilton, caller, and workers Diane LeReau, Amy Tousignant, Beth Muntzinger, Debbie Reed, Debbie Bockelman, Joan Grover, Pat Dey, Patty Homjak, and Teresa Guarino.   

Our spirited jockeys were Shelly Link, Sharon Kent, Diane Tebaldi, Nancy Hayward, Loretta Kramer and M.L. Cutler.  

Rocco Guarino, Bill Hefner, Terry LeReau, Elaine Lewis, Suzie Infantino, Mike Wright, Vet Rod Parkinson, and our announcer, Herb Kramer were amazing!  

A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to the LHE community for coming out and supporting the horse race and bingo once again this year.  Because of YOU, it was a fun and successful event.  Hope to see everyone again next February.  

Thanks again,  Bo and Jeanne Whitt, chairmen