At the November 19, 2021 Lake Henry Board of Directors Meeting, the Board approved a $10 (ten) monthly increase in the Maintenance Fees.  The new Fee is now $240 (two hundred and forty dollars). This goes into effect with the January 2022 Maintenance Fee.

 The monthly maintenance fee of $240 shall be due and payable on the 1st day of each month and said charges will continue from month to month, whether or not said lot is vacant or occupied.  There will be a late fee of five percent (5%) added to any amount in arrears, in excess of five (5) business days.

 Payments are payable to LAKE HENRY ESTATES or Sweetwater East Investment Co.

 When using your bank’s online bill pay system please be aware that we do not have an account number, so you may instead use your own house number and last name as the account number. Contact LHE office if you need help setting up your online payments.

 Thank you,
Lake Henry Estates Board of Directors