The Board of Directors asked Peter Nelson to chair a committee to review all of the parking areas within Lake Henry Estates, including the compound rental spaces. The volunteer members of the committee were: Mandy Hoffman, Kate Ferrante, Dan Sirois, Dale Stone, Ralph Jones, Wendell Roddy, Al Croucher and Pete Nelson. We would like to thank them for stepping up and volunteering to review this issue. Although it may sound mundane, many things have changed over the years and a periodic review is good.

Attached is a summary of their recommendations to the Board. The Board has not made any decisions about these recommendations and would really like to hear from the residents. Please send all comments to


​or place comments in the drop box by the LHE office. We hope to have enough feedback within the next two weeks so the Board can address the recommendations at the March 19th Board Meeting. The document is also posted in the Craft Room window for your review.
Link to Parking Summary 2021 on Documents Page (hover mouse on empty space below and link will appear to click on:
Parking Summary 2021

(The Parking Summary can also be found on the Documents Page under BOD Minutes and Reports section).