PHOTOS: Herb Kramer.

Bartenders Floyd Jerzak and Phil Schaffer helped spread the Christmas Cheer.


kitchen help

Ticket takers  were  Clarence “Santa” Hoffman, Bob Reuwer, Diane Tebaldi and Beverly Brooks-Gore.

John Dey

Joann Hoffman and Sharon Adler oversee the cookie exchange.  Joann thanks all the residents who brought cookies for the event.

Cindy Poling


It was a joy to see so many residents in the holdiay spirit.

Judy Koblentz

Both the residents and the ballroom were Christmas-ready.

Bok Tour speaker

Entertainer Chuck Gillespie introduced his new Christmas Program.

Judy Koblentz

The program used slides as Chuck Gillepsie sang familar holiday songs.

Bok Tour speaker

We were all reminded that this is the most wonderful time of the year, as we enjoyed our friends and neighbors at LHE.