Club Champions

Thank you and congratulations to Pete Nelson for another successful Community Garage Sale.

handicap champions

Although numbers were down due to other community sales, traffic flowed smoothely.

2023 Trail Fee winners

Photos submitted by Jeanne Whitt.

Thank you to Pat Dey and her Bake Sale crew: Nancy Kerr, Mary Swanson, Joyce Conrad, Sharon Rick, Nancy Ross and Pat Dey.


The hot dog grillers were Joan Grover, Pam Lottinville, and Mike Wright.

couples league 1

The servers were kept busy: Liz Albert, Teresa Guarino, Diane Lareau, Jeanne Whitt, and Linda Wright.

couples league 2

Lorri Milligan served chili for chili dogs.

couples league 1

Sue Meyer and Amy Tousignant  had a roving hotdog stand.

couples league 2

Photo submitted by Jerri Gage.

Busy shoppers bought hotdogs from the rovers.