PHOTOS: Herb Kramer.

Judy Koblentz welcomes all to December’s Coffee Talk


kitchen help

Ticket takers  were Kathy Blaskovich, Lynn Cowell, Clarence Hoffman, and Beverly Brooks-Gore.  

John Dey

Thank you to the residents who brought food for the charity food drive.

Cindy Poling


Speakers Melissa and Brooke, from  Haines City Parks and Recreation, gave an informative presentation.

Judy Koblentz

December birthday babies were Peggy Bertucca, Colette Parker, Carol Criger, Rita Manly, and Jean Cyr.

Bok Tour speaker

Celebrating December anniversaries were Laura Weller (Blaine not pictured), David & Joyce Conrad, Suzie & Jerry Infantino, and Gerri Berringer (Jerry not pictured).