PHOTOS: Herb Kramer.

Lynn Cowell purchases tickets from Patty Homjak, as our new Ticket Chair, Beverly Brooks-Gore,  looks on.


kitchen help

Jerri Gage, Marla Coy and Sue Hall serve do-nuts

John Dey

John Dey provides background music.

Cindy Poling


Cindy Poling gets hair “sparkles” by local hairdresser from Shearly Younique Salon

Judy Koblentz

Judy Kobelntz welcomes all to Coffee Talk.

Bok Tour speaker

The guest speaker was from Bok Tower

November birthdays

Celebrating November birthdays were Pat Dey and Carolyn Stevens

November anniversaries

Celebrating November Anniversaries are Peggy & Jim Burtucca, Marla & Rick Coy, and Julia Beretta & Ken Derrick (not pictured).