From Chris Runge

The Poker Run will be on June 11th at 3:00.  Sign-up and check-in will be at 2:45 on the Pub Porch. The cost is $5.00 per Tally card (all monies will go towards prize money).

PROCEDURE:  Each person takes their Tally Card to 7 addresses (list will be given to you).  At each address, there will be a person(s) manning a table in their driveway with a deck of cards face down.  You will draw a card and the person will mark down your Tally Card with a marker and initials.  continue to all 7 addresses.  When finished, please return to the check-in table on the Pub Porch and give your Tally Card to the Judges Table.  They will determine who has the highest hands.  All money will be returned to participants as prizes to winners. 
Enjoy a drink at the Pub with your friends as you await the results. 

Come and enjoy a fun afternoon!
Chris Runge (863) 557 –  8013