Potable Supply Water:
Over the past few weeks the chlorine line for the supply water has failed. Consta Flow has repaired the lines and we are investigating the monitoring system that was installed to determine why the failures were not caught earlier.
In addition to this, in several areas very strong sulfur smells and dark water has been reported. These occurrences happen primarily during the summer when water usage is low. The low water usage occurs when residents have gone back North or take extended trips. Additionally, residents also shut off their sprinkler systems during the summer. This all adds up
to the water in the lines not moving as fast as normal. When this happens, the chlorine in the lines dissipates quicker. This leads to the sulfur smell and dark water. The dark water is caused by manganese in the water which the chlorine can minimize. If there is low water usage, the chlorine dissipates and the manganese will come out of
Several years ago we had multiple occurrences and a letter was written explaining it. Since the letter was written several years ago, the chlorine and other element readings are not identical today, but we are in the same ranges. Please read the letter to help better understand the situation. Here is a link to the letter which fully explains the situation and has been posted on the Documents Page under NoticesĀ  Florida Water.

Thank you from the Lake Henry Estates Board of Directors
August 5, 2022.