When we purchased potato chips for the Pub this week, the price increased from $17  to $23.29 for a box of 40 bags.  Our cost for chips is now 58 cents so we have increased our price to 75 cents.  We have not purchased nuts, crackers or trail mix as yet, but there has also been an increase in cost for all of them, so we have also increased them to 75 cents.  Beer costs have NOT increased at this time, so our prices will stay the same for as long as they don’t change.  For the 4th of July pool party I suggest that they bring insulated tumblers with them because glass is NOT allowed out on the pool deck.  However, not all tumblers were created equal. as they range in size from 8 oz to 54 oz and up.  Our mugs of beer are 12 oz, therefore, if you bring a tumbler to the party, we will pour a 12 oz mug into the tumbler and will charge $1.00, for every 12 oz mug you ask us to pour into the tumbler at a time.  If you want one mug the price is $1.00.  If your tumbler holds 24 oz, and you ask us to fill it with 2 mugs the price will be $2.00 and etc. etc.   Thank you, Rick Marston.