To Marianne’s Friends and Supporters: “With immense gratitude, I extend my most sincere thanks for all the support and affection I received during your amazing fundraiser events. Each act of solidarity was a ray of hope on my journey to recovery. Your prayers and encouragement were fundamental in strengthening me in the fight against more complex illness treatment. May each one of you be blessed with the same generosity and love that you have offered me. Your generosity will help me during my reduced income period, especially with my increased expenses in making my house safer for my recovery. With affection and gratitude.   Marianne”

Note:  The proceeds from the silent auction, benefit dinner and the donations total $16,028.00.  A total of 70 cards were also taken to her.  The fundraiser committee thanks each of you for your generosity and support.  We as a community have done a wonderful job supporting our valued employee!