Update on the LHE Hot Tub Heater
The serviceman for the Hot Tub came September 13 to service it.  He found several related issues.  The expansion valve is compromised and is stuck in the “fully closed” position.  Additionally, the compressor is not working at all.  Both items need to be replaced and ordered.  Unfortunately the estimated time that the Hot Tub heater will not be working is about 4 to 6 weeks (Now until the end of October)  The jets still work in the Hot Tub, but the heater does not.  The good news for all of us is that these items are still under warranty and will not cost us anything to have them replaced.  This is a savings of $4,000 or more for our community.
Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.  If there are any updates on timing, you will be notified right away.