Volunteers checked the three water valves in the compound storage area on Thursday, 8/3/23. Unlike past rumors, they found that ALL THREE WATER VALVES ARE OPEN. 

 On Friday, 8/4/23, the water valve at 484 Sweetwater Way was checked and found to be approximately 75% open. The valve was operated and is now 100% OPEN. 

 If there is an odor or discoloration in homes in the vicinity of the compound, please try to use water in your homes on the opposite side of the house from where the water enters.  This will help pull in the chlorinated water. Check that your hot water heaters are at factory settings (normally 120 degrees).

 This has been a hot summer and usage along the main lines is down due to some residents being snow birds or going on trips.  We will continue to monitor it.

 LHE Board of Directors