From John Bakle

I voluntarily agree and consent to the following conditions for utilizing the boat ramp at Lake Henry Estates (LHE). This includes launching/retrieval of the boat and moving the trailer with or without the boat to and from the LHE Compound.

Due to the difficulty accessing the boat ramp, LHE will provide the vehicle and volunteer driver of the vehicle to position and remove the boat from Lake Henry. We will work individually with the resident if it is determined the LHE vehicle will not be able to manage the boat.

Use of the boat launch will be done by scheduling an appointment through the LHE Office. Please allow 2 days to arrange a volunteer driver and to ensure the availability of the vehicle. Residents are not allowed to use the boat launch independently.
The LHE boat launch is only for residents and their immediate family.

By signing this consent, the resident acknowledges responsibility for their family to follow all rules and expectations.
Boat trailers are not to be parked at the boat launch while you are out on the water with your boat.