Photos: Herb Kramer

Rick Langolf entertainer

Rick Langolf entertained LHE in a much awaited Social Activity

residents at concert

Residents showed up in full force

residents at concert part two

Residents enjoyed socializing once again

residents at concert part three

It was nice to mingle with both old and new friends

residents at concert part four

The weather cooperated beautifully and the music was great.

residents at concert part five

Residents brought lawn chairs, or sat in their golf carts to enjoy the day


Bartenders Jerry VanOcker, Collette Parker and Rick Marston were ready to serve once again

food volunteers

Faithful volunteers (Nanette Dalton, Diane VanOcker, and Diane Lareau) set up the chicken serving table

van full of chicken dinners

It took TWO van-loads  to deliver KFC box lunches for our residents (pictured: Dick Karhoff and Dan Bomgarden) (not pictured: Rocco Guarino and Terry Lareau)

food volunteers part two

Thank you to any of our other behind-the-scenes Volunteers, Pub Committee, Social Committee and BOD for a wonderful “We Can See the Light” event (pictured: Nanette Dalton, Shirley Smith, Helen Walts, Kris Bomgarden, and Judy Bretveld).