Some residents are not sure about how to maneuver within the Lake Henry Estates NEWSBRIEFS site.  This site has seven different Page Categories.  They are  listed under the “oval” heading photo shown below the Office hours.

page list

To move from one Page Category to another, simply click on, or select a Page  Category (Newsbriefs, BOD, Gallery, Sunshine, People, Documents, or Calendar/Newsletter). This will automatically take you to that “Page”.


Each article has a Title and a brief text snippet of the article. There are 3 ways to read an article.   To open the entire article, you may click on or select any Heading Photo, (or if no photo), then select the Title, or  you may select the words “read more” at the end of the snippet .

To get back to the regular page, select the “back” arrow found at the bottom of your page.
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