We would like our newer residents to know about “Help Your Neighbor”.  We have many residents that are not able to do some basic tasks, due to physical inability or lack of knowledge. The goal is to develop a team of volunteers who would assist with such tasks. Although we have a lot of neighbors currently assisting each other, we think it valuable to formalize a program to ensure everyone is helped when needed. This does not mean only widows/widowers, but anyone who has no business being up on a ladder changing a light bulb, for example!

The goal is to generate a list of tasks where we can provide residents assistance and develop a list of volunteers to match the tasks. We do not want to have these volunteers replace professionals, but avoid unnecessary use of professionals.

We are truly fortunate to have two volunteers willing to get this program started. Cindy Poling will be the point of contact for the program. Carl Criger will be the one who will need to understand the task, know the capabilities of the volunteers, and match them up for the chore to be done. This is a good opportunity to help a neighbor as well as give other neighbors an opportunity to share knowledge, skills, and abilities!

Here are some opportunities we see:
1. Changing light bulbs – either on the lampposts or ceiling bulbs

2. Simple help with troubleshooting cable TV or the Internet before Spectrum is called in.

3. Be an advocate for the resident when Spectrum comes to the house. Many of our residents could benefit from having a “translator” when interacting with the technician.

4. Help to setup new electronics – especially televisions

5. Help put air in bikes or golf cart tires

6. Be an advocate for the resident when professional comes to the house, like plumbers, electricians, roofers, sprinkler folks, etc. We sometimes worry that some of our residents might be taken advantage of by unscrupulous workers

7. Be an advocate for the resident when car work needs to be done.

8. Help with IDEAS on landscaping – but not doing the work. We do not want to take a job away from a professional.

9. Garbage Disposal does not spin – troubleshoot prior to an expensive plumber.

10. Walk around residents’ yards to determine what needs to be moved indoors prior to severe weather. Might even assist in moving items if they are not too heavy.

11. Help to put salt into the water softener.

We are sure there are many more tasks that would be reasonable for a volunteer – we will have to ask and learn what needs to be done! We would not want the resident to pay the volunteer, but a cup of coffee or a cookie would be wonderful as it will lead to a good conversation.

Please contact Cindy Poling if you or a friend could use some assistance and/or if you are interested in volunteering.
Cindy’s number is (480) 363 – 9541
Thank you.